What We Do

Why Do We Exist?

Carrying on a family tradition as a 4th generation cattleman and for the love of breeding sound, functional, and profitable angus cattle. Building lifelong working relationships and friendships and fellow cattlemen and working with their input to help them reach goals and address concerns in their own cow herds.

What Makes Us Unique?

We select and push disposition harder than any other seedstock producer around, as we believe docile cattle perform better. Seedstock is developed on feed rations with less energy than most around us, promoting better foot structure and cattle that are easier to maintain.

What Problems We Solve.

Every farmer that comes to us with a unique set of genetic objectives or concerns they want to address in their own cattle herd. Working with the information they share with us, we try to help them select the right bull to improve in those areas.

How Can We Help?

Generic selection can have a huge impact on profitability. Selecting for the right traits to compliment a cowherd can increase profits for you.

4th Generation Cattleman